"I want to push
the boundaries"

Nikolay Cherednichenko was born on 15th December 1958 in Nahodka (Far East). He has graduated from electromechanical technology college. Served in the military for two years. Afterwards he worked as loader, constructor, radio operator, sound director in theatre, woodman, founded a coop and became an entrepreneur. Since 1989 he has been fascinated with wooden sculpting.

The oil painting burst into his life when Nikolay was 32. He suddenly felt an ‘art fever’.
Once early in the morning on an orthodox Christmas he finished his first work. It was painted with honey water color on a piece of plywood.

Not long after the artist with his wife Natalia have a walk through the vernissage. Natalia noticed one painting with a lilac. Nikolay promised to buy the work on the way back, but the painting was already sold . Then Nikolay made a resolution: «I will paint so many of these lilacs, you will go mad!».

From this moment Cherednichenko never parted with canvas, oil and spatula. Creative power was so huge, the artist had to leave the profitable business and spent all day and nights standing in front of the easel. Often the work was so engaging Nikolay could work for two days with no food, drinking only coffee and smoking a pipe. And many years like this.

Nikolay Cherednichenko in the workshop, 1993
From personal archive of the artist
First work of the artist

«Untitled», plywood/ PWAC/ honey water color, 480х440 cm, 1991, Moscow
First years of work Nikolay Cherednichenko was engaged with the study of ’human body bioenergy’ as he called it. Expressions from his supernatural journeys: ‘visions’, ‘abstractions’, ‘fantastic worlds’ led the basis to the work till present days.
"Scheherazade tales", oil on canvas, 900х800 cm, 1997, Moscow
«Vision I», oil on canvas, 1500х1200 cm, 1994, Moscow
In his first period Cherednichenko was more focused on narrative, ‘romantic’ paintings, capturing moments of his life with wife. But abstraction was really attractive. Narratives were replaced with impressions, impressions with forms and colors. At that time the artist was mostly inspired with his ‘teachers’ from art — Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Felix Vallotton, Salvador Dali and from Christian theologу — Dionysius the Areopagite, Thomas Aquinas, Augustinus Sanctus.

The turning point in Nikolay’s art has become exhibitions in Australia (1995) and Switzerland (1997). In Perth, Sydney and Melbourne Cherednichenko has visited aboriginal art museums and was astonished with powerful and exquisite coloristics. Nikolay has visited the national museum in Bazel and watched with his own eyes the works of Picasso, Matisse and Vallotton. After these journeys Cherednichenko gets more into conceptualism. One can also now notice the echoes of ‘aboriginal experiences’.

The artist admits that almost never creates the idea for painting beforehand, everything happens in the very moment of doing. Abstraction gives freedom to try things out, improvise, look for meanings as in the process so after the ending of work:
"Wow, what a thing was made by me!"
At the end of 90th a big interest of collectors was dedicated to expressionism paintings — cities, landscapes and flowers. Conceptual works in the words of the author were ‘kept away’. However Cherednichenko never minded to be comprehensive, he kept on searching.

The beginning of 00 became the time of confirmation with the Orthodox Church. He studied the Bible, works of Holy Fathers. His paintings absorb Christian metaphors, symbols and thoughts of evangelical events. The artist goes on working in conceptual direction, keeping track of fantastic visions — cities and flowers. One can say that this period has only one constant — powerful vital dynamics reflected in contrast color and form, sharp spontaneous strokes. Combinations of colors often are contradictory. Cherednichenko seeks for harmony in chaos, irrational.
"Crossroads", oil on canvas, 700х800 cm,

2017, Svyatovo

"Palette", oil on canvas, 700х700 cm,

2019, Svyatovo

"I’m always in the condition of experiments and unexpected openings"
In 2010 the artist and his wife moved to the Country in Yaroslavl region, 180 km from Moscow. Cherednichenko works in a Single stage workhouse which he has built by himself.

Since that time the artist comes back to Moscow only due to business meetings. Cherednichenko is absorbed in his work.

The artist explores the space forms: geometric, strict, lineal works begin to appear. Nikolay called this a ‘square-cluster period’. The artist keeps creating landscapes and flowers, he loves to come back to old-school genres, subjects, forms, rethink them, search for new, look for unnoticed.
"The one who will cross the threshold and see these paintings will become different. Warning!
If you’re not ready to change keep away!"
2020 year is one of the most contradictory in the artist’s life. This is the year of overcoming, new quest,
new possibilities. In Spring Cherednichenko had a COVID, he was locked down in quarantine for almost 2 months till the beginning of June. The artist is interpreting the global events, turbulence of our life. He clearly feels the world is diving into routine and anxiety at the same time.

This is also the year when his middle daughter Evgeniya Negrebetskaya decided to become his art-manager. Artist is coming back to active social life. From September 2020 till now the artist and his daughter have organized four personal exhibitions and have participated in one art market.

Latest works are dedicated to the most precious gift each of us has — our life.
’Stairs’, oil on canvas 900x800,
2020, Svyatovo
‘Turbulence’, oil on canvas, 900x1100,
2020, Svyatovo
"I want unsparingly make you switch
on your brains!"