Kirill Svetlyakov, curator of the Tretyakov Gallery, talks
with Nikolai Cherednichenko about the role of polystylistics, metamodern and zombie formalism in the artist's work.

Public talk was held on September 15, 2021 as part of Nikolai Cherednichenko's solo exhibition "duende" in Cube.Moscow.
When the artist is not equal to the style
15th of September
CUBE.Moscow space
Tverskaya, 3
Ritz-Carlton, -2 floor

The premiere of the series of paintings by Nikolay Cherednichenko is dedicated to the mystical phenomenon "duende". "Duende is the national creative identity of Spain, something that dominated Lorca and Picasso when they created their best works. "Duende" is a passion and creation,
a premonition of death and a break in the usual forms in the collection of new ones.

Nikolay Cherednichenko expresses the phenomenon of "duende" in the form
of a nervous pulsation, the tension of continuous becoming. He refuses from the spatial coordinate system in his artworks; the artist translates the plastic language of the “duende” series of paintings into the metaphysical one. His non-objective creativity draws the viewer to the Universal. The symbol and expression of "duende" in the paintings of Nikolay Cherednichenko becomes a rhizome. The rhizome is organic, has no center, is neither unity nor multiplicity, and has the character of an absent structure, eliminating the possibility of unity of the code.
of the painting series "duende"
September 5-29
Nikolay Cheredenichenko gave the painting "Spring" to a charity auction organized by Meet For Charity. The money from the sale of the artwork will go to the “Chistie Dushi” Foundation, which helps children with complex diseases.
at Meet For Charity
Stand B3 "Joy without a reason",
paintings and sculptures by Nikolay Cherednichenko.

The exhibition is dedicated to the unique ability of the artist: causeless joy. It always appears unexpectedly, acts unbridled, captures completely; it is a mystical meeting with the most welcome guest, which happens when you do not expect it, but trust in the power of chance.

Joy for no reason was the reason for the creation of a series of conceptual works selected for the fair.

Contemporary Art Fair
Art Russia 2021
April 1 - April 4