Thirst for Life
Life is the greatest gift to a human!

During a period of crisis and uncertainty, people often forget about the main thing, they fall into a routine. The exhibition of paintings by Nikolay Cherednichenko "Thirt for Life" is to awaken a person, bring him to a dialogue with himself about the main thing, expand horizons and inspire actions. The artist invites you to share with him the joy of every moment of being!
The exhibition "Thirst for Life" was located on the front floor of the estate
The Muravyov-Apostles. The exhibition introduced the artist's works in chronological order:
Period 1991-2000: front entrance hall, corridor and hall;
Period 2000-2010: front green bedroom, study, yellow living room;
Period 2010-2019: yellow living room, pink living room;
Period beginning of 2020 – present day: ballroom.
This is Cherednichenko's first exhibition after five years of full immersion in the work. The artist reminds us of the most precious treasure that is given to each of us — our life, the author wants to breathe the thirst to search, create, be surprised, the thirst to live into every visitor of the exhibition.