september 2021
The premiere of the series of paintings by Nikolay Cherednichenko is dedicated to the mystical phenomenon of "duende." "Duende" is the national creative identity of Spain, something that dominated Lorca and Picasso when they created their best works. "Duende" represents passion, creation, a premonition of death, and a break from traditional forms in favor of new ones.
Nikolay Cherednichenko expresses the phenomenon of "duende" through a nervous pulsation and the tension of continuous becoming. He rejects the spatial coordinate system in his artworks, translating the plastic language of the "duende" series into the metaphysical. His non-objective creativity draws viewers toward the Universal. In Nikolay Cherednichenko's paintings, the symbol and expression of "duende" become a rhizome—an organic structure without a center, neither unity nor multiplicity, and characterized by an absent structure that eliminates the possibility of a unified code.

Works from the exhibition: