2022, solo stand "Turn on your brains"

at contemporary art fair "Art Russia 22"

A work from the “duende” series dedicated to the mystical phenomenon of living creative force. More information about the series can be found on the artist's website

The brain has great power to interpret every detail of existence. The more receptive the brain is, the deeper the layer of information it can interpret and comprehend, the higher it can soar above the world of ordinariness, above the cliches that the environment puts in the head. Flight is the result of individual creative activity of a person. This is a fantasy, an illusion, an unimaginable experiment, a way of life, everything in flight becomes a reality, connecting a person with the Universe.

Size: 900x900

Materials: oil on canvas

Year: 2022

Place of creation: Svyatovo

Provenance: in the artist's studio