2022, solo stand "Turn on your brains"

at contemporary art fair "Art Russia 22"

The ancient Greeks traveled in sandals throughout the Ecumene. But when they came to the feast, they always “threw” them aside and ate barefoot.

For many years, this box served to transport paintings by various artists. She crossed seas and oceans, countries and continents. I've been on planes, trucks, trains, ships. Her last trip was from Germany to Moscow, to the artist's studio, she was carrying one of Cherednichenko's paintings from the Berlin exhibition. Then she stood in the workshop for about 5 years.

The box has lived a bright, eventful life, its path has never been fully planned, although it was created as a functional object of utilitarian purpose.

The human brain, having comprehended the amazing fate of a simple box, can add value to its life. When we come to the feast, we will not “throw” it aside as an unnecessary object, but we will put it in the center of the meal, admiring it as an amazing phenomenon of art.

Size: 700x850

Materials: collage made of cardboard/ acrylic

Year: 2022

Place of creation: Svyatovo

Provenance: in the artist's studio